Restoring Growth

Harmony in Motion

One can choose to go back toward safety or 

forward toward growth. 

Growth must be chosen again and again; 

fear must be overcome again and again. 

Abraham Maslow

I help people who want to live more fulfilled lives. Often times this boils down to relationships with others and more importantly, with self. The fear of being real with others is SO COMMON… and also so hurtful to our spirit. When we hide parts of ourselves – the messy parts, the tough parts, the parts we’re ashamed of – we don’t show up fully and don’t allow others to see our whole self and love ALL of us. 


I support my clients in learning how their longtime habits are currently hindering their life. Through our work together, my clients become aware of how their pain has created these unhealthy thought patterns and led to self-sabotage. Only once they acknowledge this can they begin to change habits and allow their real self to be seen. Their relationships are then able to become authentic and more meaningful, leading to a greater connection, which results in greater happiness in life.


I know from my own journey that it’s possible to heal from pain and make positive steps to feel loved, worthy and fulfilled in your relationships with self and others, and ultimately in life. So many things in life start with self-love and that love will change your life. If you’re ready for this healing, call or email me today for a complimentary consultation.