Restoring Growth

Harmony in Motion

Teens, are you struggling?


I know it's not easy to juggle school stress, extracurricular activities, social life... 

not to mention learning to "deal with" (oops! I mean get along with) your parents. 

Hi. I'm Kimberly. For the past four years, I've worked in a local high school as their mental health counselor. 

Students came to me to talk about ALL of the things... everything from school stress and friend drama, to loss and family struggles, to depression, anxiety, and SO much more. High school years can be TOUGH! 

But there's good news! You CAN learn healthy ways to deal with your stressors, 

get through the hard times, and then live a happier life!

I love my time working with teens and would be happy to help! 

Call or message me today for more info!